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Usajingu-yohai-shiki (Worship of Usa Shrine) 宇佐神宮遥拝式
Spring Equinox
Soreisha-shunki-reisai (Ancestral Shrine's Annual Spring Ceremony) 祖霊社春季例祭
The last Sunday
Ken-ei-hiko-shiki (Poetry Dedication) 献詠披講式
Ken-ei-hiko-shiki (Poetry Dedication) 献詠披講式


Priests recite selected poems with traditional tunes on the stage of the Lower Worship Hall. This ritual is held in commemoration of Minamoto Sanetomo’s distinguish services in Japanese literature.

Minamoto Sanetomo, the 3rd shogun of Kamakura shogunate, is remembered in history for his extraordinary talent in poetry. He edited an anthology of Waka poems named “Kinkai Waka-shu”.

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