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In every shrine on the path to the main sanctuary, there is a water basin for visitors to rinse their hands and mouth. Usually, the water basin is made of stone, and ladles are provided. Purification by water on entering shrine space is essential. In Shinto, the idea of purification or oharai is fundamental.


1.Hold the ladle with your right hand.


2. Rinse your left hand first.


3. Shift the ladle to the left hand, and rinse your right hand.


4. Shift the ladle to the right hand again. Pour water on your left hand, and with this rinse your mouth.

temizuetiquette4.jpg temizuetiquette5.jpg

5. Rinse your left hand once more, and tilt the ladle so that water trickles down the handle to cleanse it.

temizuetiquette6.jpg temizuetiquette7.jpg

6. Replace the ladle.


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