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16-Shirahata-Jinja Shrine 白旗神社

Enshrined kami:
Minamoto Yoritomo
Minamoto Sanetomo
Main Annual Rite:
28th May

Two rituals are held for this shrine besides the annual ritual. Both are to praise Minamoto Sanetomo (源 実朝, 1192-1219), Yoritomo’s son. He was assassinated by Sanetomo’s nephew Kugyo (公暁). He is also famous for his talents in art and literature.

The original shrine is said to have been founded in May, 1200; the two kami were moved to the current site in 1888. After visiting the Museum, retrace your steps over the bridge, cross the forecourt to the lower left corner and take the path to the Ancestral Shrine.


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