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Tsurugaoka Intellectual Salon

The Art of Wagashi


18 March 2017

13:30 Welcome from Vice Chief Priest, Rev. Mr. Kokusho
14:00 Workshop “Making Wagashi Japanese traditional confections“
  Presented by Mr. Tomizo Yamaguchi.
16:00 Tasting


Biography of the guest lecturer

Tomizou Yamaguchi

The president of Suetomi, the master of Japanese traditional confectionary (Kyoto Pref.)

Born in 1937. Graduated from Kansei Gakuin University and began working at Matsuzaki Senbei, the confectionary founded in 1804 at Ginza. After one year’s training, he returned to Kyoto and worked for his family business in Suetomi. He succeeded the master of confectionary “Kameya Suetomi” in 1970, and appointed as the president of Suetomi in1989.

About Suetomi

Founded in Kyoto in 1893, Suetomi has provided its finest wagashi creations for such luminaries as Prime Minister Abe Shinzo and the Grand Master of the Urasenke school of tea ceremony, Sen Genshitsu. Wagashi’s beauty, represented in its aesthetic design, refined taste and seasonal naming, will surely delight the guest.


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