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Japanese Divine Costumes

13 March 2016

13:30 Lecture by Chief Priest Rev. Mr. Yoshida
14:45 Workshop
  “Wearing the costume of the Court Lady in Medieval Japan”
  Demonstration of dressing by the instructors of Oda Kimono College

Biography of the guest lecturer
Ms. Michiko Takano
Graduated from Oda Gakuen. Lecturer of Oda Kimono College. She is also working as the Kimono Coordinator.

Ms. Takako Sato
Lecturer of Oda Kimono College. Specialist in Japanese history of costumes and Kimono fabrics.

Ms. Nobue Suzuki
Lecturer of Oda Kimono College. A qualified instructor of Japanese court lady’s costume dressings.

Oda Kimono College

Oda Kimono College is a professional school for dressmakers and designers of Japanese traditional costume “kimono” with 50 years history. Recently, Oda Kimono College also provides various lectures and workshop for foreign people at the overseas cultural events called Japan Festivals to introduce Japanese culture of kimono.
[Official website] http://oda.ac.jp (Japanese)

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