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Japanese Art of Calligraphy

19 November 2017



Welcome from Prof. Kato, director of research institute of Tsurugaoka Hachimnagu


Lecture ”Japanese Calligraphy” Rev. Mr. Shigeho Yoshida, Chief Priest


 ”Japanese Calligraphy Workshop” Mrs. Nagisa Koyama, Calligrapher









Biography of the guest lecturer

Mrs. Nagisa Koyama


Having learned the art of calligraphy from her mother in childhood, she became a disciple of Kawakami Keinen (1903-2003) at the Daido Academy of Calligraphy, and became certified as an instructor, and master of calligraphy.

Apart from participating in many solo and group exhibitions she has been appointed as a jury member in the Korin Academy of Calligraphy. She is currently teaching calligraphy at Tsurugaoka Shrine and is also the founder and director of the calligraphy school “Tenarai-Dokoro” in Kamakura.


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