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7-Shimohaiden / Maiden 下拝殿 / 舞殿 (Lower Worship Hall)

Many rituals are performed here throughout the year, and it is also here that dedicatory dances and music are performed.

This building is again lacquered in red and black, but instead of metalwork under the eaves, the ends of the wooden supports under the eaves are painted to represent metalwork. Above the entrance to the building proper you will see the carving of a waterfowl amongst irises. The whole building is also painted all over with flowers and leaves. This is to symbolize the presence of water to succour the plants, and by inference, the protection of the building from fire.

This building stands at a point of symbolic importance since it replaced a building (lost in the fire of 1191) where the famous dancer, Shizuka, performed her dedicatory dances in 1185. The story of Shizuka is a very poignant one.


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