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Information of Hotaru-Hojo-Sai

Releasing Fireflies
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Hotaru-hojo-sai is held on 9th June.

The ritual is held to recognize the preciousness of life and the seasons’ passing, and to thank our kami for giving us life and daily sustenance.
It will be fantastic sight that numbers of fireflies are flying around with blinking lights. Also, foreign diplomats and their families are invited, and some of their children participate for releasing fireflies.

Hotaru-maturi (10th-17th of June)

The pond and stream area is open to public during these days. You can enjoy fireflies’ blinking lights for free.
* Please DO NOT use flash light when you take pictures. Fireflies are very sensitive, so they won’t lighten.
* According to weather, the number of visible fireflies’ light will be varied.

10th (sun)-17th (sun) of June

From the Sunset to 8:30 pm


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