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Tanabata week is coming!

Tanabata Votive Tablets
Left: Tanzaku type     Right: Mulberry Leaf type

From 1st to 7th, the precinct is decorated with bamboo and colorful clothes and paper artworks. We also made seasonal votive tablets associated with Tanabata (Star Festival).

You can write your wishes on the votive tablet and tying up to the rope surrounding the Lower Worship Hall.

  Votive Tablet Tanzaku (rectangle) type   ¥500
  Mulberry Leaf type   ¥500
  (availeble from 23rd June to 7th July




Parformance of Kamakura Hayashi (festival music) on the 1st of July
              9:00: performed by members of Nikaido area
              12:00 performed by members of Uchikoshi area
              14:30 performed by members of Yukinoshita area

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