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Information on Oharae (Major Purification)

OHARAE.JPGIn Shinto, all unhappy or unfortunate incidents, such as diseases or natural hazards, are caused by sin and impurity. So, rituals known as oharai (Major Purification) are held twice a year, and people attend to this ritual to keep their purity and pray for their health and good fortune.

Oharae is held at 11am, 1pm, 3pm and 5pm on 30th June
*Rituals held 4 times. Please choose your convenient time to attend.
*Reception desk will open 30min before ritual starts
*All instruction is provided in Japanese only

For those who cannot attend the ritual
We provide Hitogata (paper doll) to transfer sins and impurity by rubbing their own bodies.
Write your name and age on the paper doll, and rub your body with the paper doll.
At last, breathe to the paper doll and put in the box. Donation box is placed next to the paper dolls.


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