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Main Annual Rites were Served

local worshippers carried portable shrines
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8 girls dedicated the traditional "Kagura"

Main Annual Rites were served from 14th to 16th September.

Although it was a stormy weather on 15th September, about 200 people attended Reitai-sai, the Main Annual Rite, which is the most important ritual for the shrine. The portable shrines which have just returned from repairing were appeared in the procession of Shinko-sai in 15th afternoon.  The three portable shrines, were carried in front of the 3rd Torii gate by local worshippers, and 8 local girls dedicated the dance called Yaotomeno-mai.

Unfortunately, because Typhoon Man-yi had just hit on that day, Yabusame was not held this year. 


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