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A First Secretary of Embassy of Chile, Ms. Bravo, Lectured at Tsurugaoka Hachimangu

001 mini.jpgOn 6th August, a first secretary of Embassy of Chile, Ms. Monica Bravo, lectured on Chile’s experience of the earthquake, Tsunami and recovery from them, in Kamakura Junior Forum for Disaster Measure 2014.


This forum was held to hand down the memories of the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011 as our lesson to reconstruct from the disaster and prepare against the disasters. The participants were Japanese students from Hashikami junior high school in Kesennuma and Kamakura-Daiichi junior high school in Kamakura. Both areas where the students live were received serious damage from earthquakes and Tsunami in the past. On one hand Kesennuma has been affected by the earthquake and Tsunami on the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011; on the other hand, Kamakura suffered for considerable damage of the Great Kanto Earthquake 90 years ago, and has the necessity to prepare against disasters in the future exceedingly.IMG_5653 mini.jpg


Chile was also hit by the earthquake of M 8.8 and Tsunami did harm to 75% of people of Chile in 2010, but their reconstruction has been advanced for the last 4 years. Ms. Bravo spoke about the experience of the great disaster, and we learned many things from Chile’s expeditious measure to the disaster. Both countries bordering the sea always have to live with the fear of earthquakes and Tsunami, so it is important for us to help each other for our recoveries from the disasters and our developments. The lecture was a great chance for us to remind ourselves of it.


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