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"Tsurugaoka Intellectual Salon" was held

salon.JPG“Tsurugaoka Intellectual Salon” was held on 21st March. The salon is aimed to make opportunities to introduce Japanese traditional cultures to people from overseas.

This time, it featured “Shinto and Japanese Garden”, and Chief Priest, Rev. Yoshida, gave a talk on Japanese view of nature, followed by a lecture by Mr. Jihe Ogawa, one of the most renowned Japanese traditional gardeners.

Mr. Ogawa is the 11th head of a gardening company “Ueji” inherited for 250 years in Kyoto. He explained the history of Japanese gardens and their characteristics, with pictures of the gardens he has tended. About 30 attendees, including diplomats of embassies of 10 countries such as US, Uruguay, and Jordan, listened and took notes enthusiastically.

After the lectures, the attendees took a tour to the Peony Garden of Tsurugaoka Hachimangu and enjoyed its beautiful scenery.

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