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Information on Hotaru-matsuri (Firefly Festival) and Hikari-mamori

蛍祭告知.jpgFrom 14th to 21st June, you can enjoy the fantastic sight with numbers of fireflies blinking and flying around beautifully.

Fireflies are released to respect the preciousness of life and the seasons’ passing, and to thank kami for giving us life and daily sustenance. The festival would help you gain a better appreciation of Shinto view of nature.

Also, “Hikari-mamori”, the amulet that features the festival, is available from 1st June with its new design. It is made with a glass bead imitating the light of fireflies and twinkles beautifully.


The pond and stream area will be open to the public for free during the following period.

Date: 14th (Sun) - 21st (Sun) of June

Place: Yanagihara sacred pond (in front of Wakamiya Shrine)

Time: from sunset to 8:30 pm

* Please DO NOT use any lighting device when you walk around the pond. Fireflies will get cautious and won’t produce light.

* Depending on the weather, the number of visible fireflies’ lights will vary.

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