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Gagaku Performance at the U.S. Embassy

Tsurugaoka Hachimangu held a gagaku concert at the U.S. embassy in Tokyo on 16th Nov. It was a special program of Tsurugaoka Intellectual Salon, and hosted by the U.S. Embassy Community Liaison Office.

At the beginning of the concert, Deputy Chief of Mission of the embassy, Mr. Jason P. Hyland, made a welcome remarks, and Chief Priest, Rev. Shigeho Yoshida, introduced the shrine’s history and its relationship with the U.S. The performance included one of the most popular pieces of gagaku “Etenraku” and a dance “Urayasu-no-mai” by two shrine maidens.

About 80 embassy staff attended the concert. Both American and Japanese staff listened attentively and enjoyed this special opportunity to experience Japanese tradition.

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