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Opening Ceremony of Dankazura

The maintenance construction of Dankazura, which was started in November, 2014, will be completed soon, and a ceremony to celebrate its completion takes place on 30th March.

Although fences have been removed since 7th March, the construction is still underway until the ceremony on 30th. Dankazura will be open to the public after the ceremony finishes.

Till then, please walk on the pavements of either side of Dankazura, or Komachi Street when you visit Tsurugaoka Hachimangu on foot. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


Wednesday, 30th March

1:30pm  Ceremony to Celebrate the Completion

A ceremony to celebrate the completion of the construction will be conducted by Shinto priests in front of the Second Torii Gate on Dankazura.

1:45pm (approx.)  The First Procession to Walk along Dankazura

After the ceremony, a Shinto priest will lead a procession to walk up the new Dankazura. The procession consists of Mr. Kichiemon Nakamura, a Japanese famous Kabuki actor who are designated as Living National Treasure, his company, scaffolding workers, and so on. They will walk form the Second Torii Gate up to the Lower Worship Hall.

 2:45pm (approx.)  Dedication of Japanese Dance

Japanese dances for celebration will be performed by Mr. Kichiemon Nakamura at the Lower Worship Hall.

Sunday, 3rd April

At Noon  Dedication of Japanese Dance

At the Lower Worship Hall, Mr. Kikunojo Onoe and Mr. Kikuyuki Onoe, dancers from one of traditional Japanese dance companies, Onoe school, will perform for celebration.


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