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Tsurugaoka Intellectual Salon (TIS) was held on 17th November

The 16th Tsurugaoka Intellectual Salon (TIS) was held on 17th November.

We invited instructors from the Tokyo Branch of NPO Nihoncha Instructor Association as lecturers this time.

In the first part, Rev. Kokusho, vice chief priest and Mr., Kato, Director of Reserch Institute gave a welcome speech. Next, lecturers talked about the history and the difference between 5 kinds of Japanese tea.

After the lecture, instructors gave a demonstration of making Japanese tea. Then participants practiced in pairs making 2 different kinds of Japanese tea; Sencha and Fukamushi Sencha. In the latter part, instructors made Gyokuro for participants and they enjoyed drinking it.

Her Excellency Ms. Lina ANNAB from Embassy of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and His Excellency Dr. Vasile BUMACOV from Embassy and Consulate General of Moldova, embassy officials including Iceland and Romania, and international students attended the workshop. They all deepened understanding of Japanese tea culture through this salon.


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