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Notice of Traffic Restriction in Kamakura City for New Year

A temporary traffic restriction will be placed in Kamakura city from 31 December 2019 until 3 January 2020. Vehicles are prohibited to proceed in Kamakura city, and public roads in the city central area are for pedestrian only during the restriction. Taxi and Route Bus will be partially operated.

The detail of restriction will be as follows:

 DATE and TIME: From 23:00 of 31st December 2019 until 17:00 of 1st January 2020,

                              From 9:00 of 2nd January 2020 until 17:00 of 2nd January

                              From 9:00 of 3rd January 2020 until 17:00 of 3rd January

Restricted Area: Vehicles are prohibited to enter the city from the intersection on National Route 134. At the following area, proceeding of vehicles is prohibited as well.  

(1)   Kanagawa Pref. Route 21, Between Namerigawa and Kobukuroya

(2)   Kanagawa Pref. Route 32, Between Tokiwaguchi and the intersection to National Route 134 at Hase 2-chome

(3)   Kanagawa Pref. Route 204, Between Akashibashi and Hahcimangumae

(4)   Kanagawa Pref. Route 311, Between Hisagi Highland Iriguchi and Hasekannonmae

For further information, please refer to the public notification from Kamakura City Government.

https://www.city.kamakura.kanagawa.jp/koutsuu_anzen/hatumoudekoutuukisei.html (Japanese)

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