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Annual Grand Festival was held on 14-16 September

Annual Grand Festival was held over 3 days, the 14th to 16th on September.

Firstly, Hamaori-shiki (Purification at the Coast Ritual) in the early morning and Yoimiya-sai (Evening Ceremony) in the evening were held on 14th. Next day, as the most important ritual for the shrine, the Main Annual Rite was held at the main shrine at 10 am on 15th. In Shinko-sai (Portable Shrine Procession) in the afternoon, the three portable shrines were set on trucks and paraded the main approach this year to prevent the spread of COVID-19, though usually parishioners carry them in procession. After the parade, the sacred dance by 4 shrine maidens instead of 8 girls from local elementary school was dedicated at the lower worship hall. On 16th, Suzumushi-hojosai, a ceremony to release bell crickets was held. Unfortunately, Yabusame, horseback archery on 16th was cancelled due to COVID-19.

Supported by parishioners and visitors, the Festival has successfully been conducted though its schedule was partly changed under COVID-19 circumstances.


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